The Last Bottle (Personal Blog)

January 16, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

The year of firsts also brings us to the year of last times with baby stage items.  It's hard not to feel sad when you see the baby sliding away and a little child emerging each day. They are little sponges taking in so much everyday. The words they are speaking now plus their ability to do more. It's so much fun and joy to watch them learn these new things. To go from sitting to standing to walking. With twins the walking made my life a little easier. Then with learning words, they can stop whining and tell me what they want. That will also make my life a little easier. However, seeing these things happen is so bitter sweet. 

As of right now our family is complete. (Like all things plans are subject to change and we'll deal with change at that time.) Having two at once has it's challenges and a little sadness. Only one baby stage, learning to sit, stand, walk and talk so close together. Starting school, dances, sports, studying, field trips, graduation, college and every stage of life for two ladies happening together. They will share a bond that so few of us get to understand. I've always longed for a sister bond and I'm so beyond happy they get each other all their lives. I hope they understand how blessed they are to have each other, and their mom and dad too. Even though at times we are going to make their life a little hard, it's only for their benefit. We want them to be wonderful well rounded adults, but I'll love them unconditionally regardless.  If we fail I'm going to place blame on Travis and grandparents for spoiling them too much. 

I am experiencing the sadness that comes from knowing your family could be complete. It's a female thing and I think so many women will understand this. Honestly one pregnancy was enough for me really. It was the sickest I've ever experienced. I'm still out of shape from it, but it's getting better. And yet so worth it! This summer we have so much in store and so many things to look forward to. As we near the end of bottles I'll try not to mourn the end of each stage too long. Don't judge my sentimental emotions. :) Happy 19 Months to my Baby Girls. Mum Loves you the most and I get that right since I grew you in my belly for 9 months! 

Remember we all are fighting our own battles. Big or small. We can't walk in other people's shoes, but we can try to have a little empathy and compassion along the way for others. Don't judge what you don't understand and worry doesn't get us anywhere. Use our good judgement and senses and spread a little extra love. 

Blessing and almost Goodbye to January 2015! I'm so ready for Spring. 




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