2014 Reflection on Michelle Leigh Photography

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I've decided to have two separate blog posts reflecting the past year. This first one will be about the business over the past year. Let me first say that I can be brutally honest to a fault. I'm working on that. I'm a terrible liar. So my compliments are true when I give them. I'm a terrible liar remember. So regarding my business, I have yet to profit my first dollar or even pay myself, but I have high hopes for next year. Do I do it for the money or do I take your photographs because I love it? I do it for both. One because I do love my job. While it's hard at times. Wondering if she will see herself as beautiful as I do. If she doesn't have I failed? Do you give up on yourself because you failed? Two, yes I do it for the money. I have bills to pay like everyone else, so yes I have no choice but to charge to pay the bills.  It's hard in a market with lots of other amazing photographers and some up and coming cheaper ones. Everyone has a camera phone or a digital camera, so most don't see the value in what I do.

 Could I make money doing something else? Yes I could and I did it for years. I have two degrees in Business Management and Human Resources.  I still enjoy using the others side of my brain, and will continue to do so. Photography is a passion and a constant learning experience for me. It also keeps my mind a little sane while I raise my twins. 

Now lets look into 2015. Up until now I have mostly done on location photo sessions. With the addition of my home studio I get to really expand my business in 2015.  I now have the option to photograph when it's raining and cold.  It's still under renovations right now, but coming along nicely. It's small, but it's mine. Nothing can make you more proud than knowing that you created something and it's all yours. When things are handed to us, we never truly appreciate them. Building a business from scratch is hard, but it will be so worth it. Also, coming in 2015 I have added a session package to my pricing. I will be running less specials and let families buy a package that works for them. We live in a digital world, so I want people to have digitals to store in a way that will be forever preserved. I also want my families to print their photos. What is the point in all these digitals if we never see them? Display those beautiful faces all over your walls and in albums. 

This year (2014) was hard for me.  Selling a home, moving into a rental, building, not building, then purchasing an older home in an area you had no idea existed. It was very up and down. The process of trying to keep a house in shape to sell. The moving twice. Husband traveling a lot. Boxes, boxes, and more boxes. All the ups and downs, add to the main factor of no sleep most of the year, made it hard to truly focus on growing the business most of the year. I'm not going to regret one-second I spent focusing on my family over the business though. 2015 should be the year that I can improve more, grow more, and achieve more goals.  If I don't get them all, I'm not going to be devastated or anything, but we must have goals in life.  What are we here for? What are you here for? It doesn't need to be to save the whole world. Don't over think it, but we all need to do our part.  

The best part of my job is capturing a family or your special day to be able to remember for generations to come. That's the value. It's truly priceless to know a mommy and her new baby have professional, non orange images, taken on a camera that can capture the details your smart phone will never see. Like that tiny little birthmark on her forehead.  I want to leave you with something positive. All my life I've only heard the message we are never good enough. I'll be beautiful when....... What when you loose those 10 pounds, you get in shape, you get that mole removed, your nose is smaller?  You're beautiful or handsome now, the way God made you.  Be sure to stop and  Love yourself. You are beautiful now. Not when you loose 10 pounds, not when you get in shape. You are beautiful now! People are listening. Your children are listening. Take care of yourself, and love yourself so that our children will learn to love themselves for who they are and not what they think they should be. Be beautiful on the inside and it will reflect throughout. You have the control over what kind of person you are, so be awesome!

Have a very Merry Christmas!  I pray you have a happy and healthy 2015! 




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