"I Believe it When I See It For Myself"

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I'll do a quick share before starting a day of editing and an evening photo session. Yesterday I had the rare occurrence of being alone in a vehicle. I went to Lowes and Food City. On my ride from Lowes to Food City the song Heaven by Live came on the radio. I've always loved this song, but love it even more now. This is the chorus.


 " I'll believe it when I see it for myself

I don't need no one to tell me about heaven

I look at my daughter, and I believe.

I don't need no proof when it comes to God and truth

I can see the sunset and I perceive, yeah"


When I arrive at Food City, I park and find the place is pretty empty. As soon as I walk into the area outside the cash registers there is a manager yelling at a homeless man to get out of the store or he’s going to call the law. His words not mine. The homeless man had filled up one of those trays at the salad buffet. At this point the damage is done, and the man doesn’t understand why all this delicious food is sitting there. He was missing a few marbles you could tell. I wanted to do something, but walked on feeling helpless. The manager wanted him gone I’m sure to keep his customers happy. My agreeing to pay for his food probably would have made the manager even more upset. Than again I don’t know because I did nothing, but get out of the way.  Feeling defeated and sad for this man. Sad that he is in this circumstance. Sad I did nothing.


I continue my shopping through Food City. I didn’t have many items to purchase, so mostly I shopped on the outside isles. When I get to the yogurt I notice a little middle aged woman picking some valutime yogurt off the top shelf at yogurt. Of course I’m buying Greek yogurt to cook with and some ORGANIC yogurt for the kids. Probably some of the most expensive stuff they have in the little pouches. This woman only has a few items in her cart, but again I don’t think much of it.


Then I go to check out and end up behind this woman. I notice she has really cute jeans on, and I’m dressed in walmart crop active pants that were once black. My hair hasn’t been washed in who knows how long, so it’s in a terrible messy bun (not the cute messy kind) and a head wrap band.  No make-up, and the list goes on. Never judge a book by it’s cover should be inserted here.


The lady has a government check of some kind to pay for her groceries.  She didn’t have enough for the box of cereal, but enough for a couple extra yogurts. While running back to grab more yogurt the cashier, older gentlemen with an awesome grey beard, finished up with the checking out process with this check. He puts the cereal out of the way, but I politely offer to pay for the cereal and hand him a $5 bill. He doesn’t say much, the lady returns, he rings up the cereal, then puts it in her bags.  She says nothing about the exchange the cashier and I have, and leaves the store.


The cashier and I exchange a story about a family at Christmas time. Thanks me for my generosity etc.  I leave the store.  Then as I’m loading my groceries the woman drives by in her pieced together van and says thank you out the window and drives off.


Back to the lyrics of the song. On my way to Food City I almost tear up because it's the truth. I look at my beautiful daughters and how could I not believe.  To think nothing is at play to create such beauty in this place is beyond my imagination.  How could I not believe in God, and something bigger than me.  I no longer worry and argue about the exact rights and wrongs around the various denominations found in Christianity, even other religions for that matter. I’m sorry, but can you all be right? However, you can find a life that works for you.  If your life is not working for you then change it.  Start with a prayer and see where that takes you.  I don’t feel generous; I feel my cup is running over with things to be thankful for every single moment of every day.  I know there is much disaster in this world. Many people could argue why would God allow such things. Well that’s man’s hand at work and our Free Will. Those are the exceptions, and I truly believe there is so much splendor and wonder left in people. I believe it can be spread like a virus if we could learn to love more and judge less those that are different than us.


Lots of Love and May God Give you a Reason to be Thankful Today!






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