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Dinner Time

Lets talk about dinner or supper on this Valentine's night. My kids are finally all sleeping in their beds while visions of sugar plums dance in their head. For real my kids have no idea what a sugar plum is. In fact I think I tried to get them to eat a plum once and that didn't happen. Raise your hand if you live with a picky eater? I live with two half size ones. Here starts the dilemma everyday. What they will eat, I probably shouldn't eat. Husband and I have to eat healthy, kids need to eat healthy, but sometimes it's not worth the battle. A full tummy at bed means a better chance of them sleeping through the night, and not waking up at 3am wanting a snack. Come on now. I need my sleep.  The newest solution to break through the rut of standing in the kitchen angry while you're fixing multiple meals: 


I know I know.. Your parents and my parents said 'If you don't like what I made for dinner go to bed hungry.' Did I mention the sleep part? I'm not sending my kids to bed hungry. Lunch or breakfast is one thing. They don't like what I fixed for lunch fine. Dinner I will keep trying to find the magic button. EAT kid!

As I finish this blog I'm going downstairs to walk on the treadmill. Here's the deal I want to be around to play with my grandkids in good shape. At the rate I keep eating chicken nuggets and fries it's not going to happen for me. I feel like an 80 year old woman some days. I have no idea how an 80 year old woman feels like, but when I'm 80 I want to say I feel like a 60 year old woman in good shape. Or something like that. You get my point there. 

My point of the blog is that we do what we need to do to make our lives work. Right now I've found music to be my best solution for dinner blues. And not the jazzy blues. Have yourself a cooking dance party. We work out to music because it helps bring a beat to our moves, helps us to push ourselves, and deal with doing something hard. My hard right now is the fuel I'm putting in my family's bodies.

Let's start dancing through our rough times every day together. 


Happy Valentine's Day Loves!





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